What You Can Expect From Hair Transplant Surgery?

What You Can Expect From Hair Transplant Surgery?

Patients must be given realistic expectations. Furthermore, the importance of joint planning by the patient and the surgeon for future hair loss cannot be underestimated.

The transplanted hair follicles typically appear to grow in the immediate postoperative period. Within a month, the graft follicles (from few to almost 90%) enter the telogenic phase and are shed. Hair regrowth then takes approximately 4 months, but the hair continues to improve in quality and quantity over the next 2-4 months. And at about one year the growth stabilizes and most patients have graft survival rates of over 95% in experienced hands. There are also reports of hair multiplication after transplantation meaning if one has undergone hair transplantation of about 5000 follicles then by the end of one year one

The present techniques and technology of hair transplantation surgery can give a proper candidate realistic and natural appearing transplanted hair. Using 2 or 3 hair transplant sessions, the candidate has a successful outcome.

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