Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the Gold standard treatment for baldness. Among all treatment modalities for hair loss, Hair Transplant is the best hair loss treatment. The hair treatment cost used to be exorbitant a few years back.
But over the time the hair transplantation cost has come down due to rising competition and loss of monopoly of few centers over hair transplant in Delhi. We at Hair Science centre have risen to the level that we can say that we are among the Best Hair transplant centers in Delhi. We have kept the hair transplantation cost reasonably low so that more and more people can avail benefits of hair treatment.
Hair transplant in Delhi is the trendsetter for the rest of India. The advanced hair treatment techniques also hair transplant in Delhi and the level of expertise reached in Delhi is very difficult to achieve by hair transplantation surgeons even from the most famous hair transplant in Delhi (India) Centers.
Delhi-NCR has surpassed the rest of India in hair transplant technology. Delhi has become a hub for hair loss treatment and hair transplant in Delhi. Due to the rising pollution levels in Delhi and the change in the lifestyle of people in Delhi, the hair loss problem is on rising. This has not only increased the demand for hair loss treatments but also the need for Hair transplant in Delhi has increased very rapidly.

Hair Transplant Results are unmatched by any other hair loss treatment modalities whether used alone or combined even if when used for many years. Hair loss medicines have to be used for many years and their results are inconsistent. The result of hair loss treatment medicines is limited and they have limited efficacy. When compared with a hair treatment, a limited number of hairs can grow after use of these hair loss medicines. Another drawback of medicines is that their response is maintained until the time.
we are using these hair loss medicines. The time we stop these hair loss medicines, hair falls starts again and in no time we lose whatever gains we have attained by the use of hair loss medicines you can resolve your all problems by hair transplant in Delhi. When we talk in terms of a number of new hair gained over the scalp after treatment then we find that Hair Transplant is the best treatment of hair transplant in Delhi. Total cumulative Hair Transplant cost is also less when compared with medicines and hair transplant remains the most affordable hair loss treatment. Hair loss medicines have to be taken for many months and years. If we add the cumulative cost of all these hair loss medicines over let’s say 5 years and compare it with hair transplant cost in Delhi then we find that hair treatment procedure is a more cost-effective option. At Delhi hair transplant center we are doing Hair transplant at the most affordable rates.

Ideal candidate for hair transplantation?

Now, this is a very important question whose answer everyone wants to know. You have made up your mind that you wish to undergo a hair transplant in Delhi. But you are not sure whether you will get good results by hair transplant in Delhi.

Below is the list of qualities of a good candidate for hair transplantation:

  • Cause of Hair loss

    If the reason for your hair loss is Male pattern baldness, Hereditary/family history of baldness then you are an ideal candidate for hair transplant and results of your hair transplantation will be long-lasting.

  • Age

    Hair transplantation results are better in young people. Results are good even in patients in their late 40s. After that age, the hair transplant results are not that satisfactory. There are many factors responsible for it including the effect of aging over stem cells, regeneration power of our body, healing of tissues, digestion system, cardiovascular system, liver, blood vessels, atherosclerosis and many other organs of our body.

  • Grade of Baldness

    The lesser the grade of baldness the better will be the hair transplant results. The more the grade of baldness the poorer will be the result of hair transplant. If the amount of hair loss is more then lesser hairs are available in the donor area. The quality of those hairs is also not good. For such cases, we have to use body hair transplant. The hairs over the rest of the body areas are of poor quality. These body hair transplant hairs will grow slowly, will not grow long and are thin and curly as compared to the scalp hairs.

  • Quality of donor’s hairs

    One of the most crucial factors affecting hair transplant results. If your donor area hair is thick, shiny, strong and grows fast then you are bound to get good hair transplant results. If the donor’s hairs are thin and sparse then the result of hair transplant will be poorer. The hair which will grow after hair transplant will be thin, lusterless, will grow slowly and will not grow after a certain length.

  • Lifestyle

    If your lifestyle is good, sleep and eating habits are good then your hair transplant results will be better. Drink lots of water and never get dehydrated. A healthy diet and proper sleep are needed to get good hair transplant results. Good lifestyle and stress-free life will definitely improve the results of your hair transplant.

  • Healthy Diet

    If your diet is having fruits and vegetable on the menu and you are taking regular “natural protein” rich diet then your hair transplant results will be good. Eat fruits daily and include a good quantity of vegetables in your daily meals. Take a high protein diet after your hair transplant containing high quantity of essential amino acids. Never skip your meals and don’t eat fast food or spicy food.

  • Smoking

    Smoking adversely affects hair transplant results. Smoking causes miniaturization of hair follicles and reduces blood supply of the scalp. The spasm of blood vessels and atherosclerosis associated with smoking will jeopardize the blood supply to the scalp. Reduced blood supply to the scalp will deprive your hair follicles of the essential nutrients for their growth. This will reduce hair transplant results.

  • Alcohol Consumtion

    Alcohol produces toxic metabolites and damages liver which hampers the hair transplant results and causes thinning and shortening of hair. Alcohol also reduces the blood supply of the scalp and causes hair loss. Liver damage also reduces the production of essential protein and amino acids for hair growth.

Hair Transplant Pre-Operative Instructions

Before The Day of Hair Transplant
Avoid taking blood thinning medications like aspirin for a few days before the Hair Transplant. Take opinion of the physician supervising your hair transplant.
Smoking/Alcohol/Gutka reduce the hair transplant results by reducing the survival of the hair follicles. If you are going for hair transplant then they should be stopped completely for 7 days before the date of Hair Transplant.
Avoid any kind of exertion or stress. One should be calm and relax during hair transplant. Take proper sleep at least one day before hair transplant.
It is advisable to take alprazolam 0.5mg on the night before the hair transplant to get relieved of the anxiety of the surgery and get a sound sleep.
Some tests such as Blood tests (CBC, coagulation profile, LFT, HBsAg, HIV-Elisa, Australia Antigen and ECG) need to be done 2 days prior to the hair transplant.
It is advisable to shave the possible body donor area (chest, pubic, armpit, back or thighs) hairs exactly 7 days prior to Body Hair transplant.
Day of Hair Transplant 
On the day of Hair transplant avoid wearing garments especially T-shirts which need to wear from head to avoid causing loss of Hair Follicles transplanted while removing the garment. Wear regular shirts with buttons at the time of hair transplant.
Take tablet Ceftum 500mg twice daily for one day before the day of hair transplant.
Shampoo your hairs properly in the morning of the day of hair transplant in delhi. No oil, sprays or gel should be applied to the scalp on the day of hair transplant. One can wear cap after shampoo to keep the hair free of dust.
Have light breakfast before the procedure. Avoid oily and spicy food on the day of Hair transplant.
A relative/friend can accompany the you to the Delhi Hair transplant Center.
You can drive back home on the day of the hair transplant.

The Ideal Age for Hair Transplant 

What Is the Ideal Hair Transplant age?

Right Hair Transplant Age: Though hair transplant can be done at any age but still there is an age bracket where the results of hair transplant in Delhi are best. Hair transplant is the surgical part of the process of Hair Restoration.
In a hair transplant, patient’s hair from the occipital area of the scalp is taken and transplanted over the bald areas of the scalp. The whole process of hair transplant is successful when the hair transplant look natural and they grow in a natural way.

Hair transplant in Delhi is most commonly done in a younger age group (20 to 35 years of age). This is the age group in Delhi when a person is most conscious of his looks. Young people go for hair transplant in Delhi for various reasons. Some go for a hair transplant because they have lost hair very fast and there is fear of becoming totally bald.
Some handsome men go for hair transplant because the bald areas over their head have ruined their personality. Some are in marriageable age and their baldness has threatened their prospects of getting a good match and hence they want to undergo hair transplant in Delhi. Some go for hair transplant in Delhi as they want to get rid of their stressed/aged looks because of hair loss.
The Best Hair Transplant age to get good results is at a younger age. The person’s metabolic rate and physical activity have kept the scalp blood circulation good so as to supply sufficient nutrients to the hair treatment follicles. The hair follicles are young and the stem cells have retained the coding for many decades to come in a person’s life after a hair transplant. Hence the hair treatment procedure benefits them for their lifetime.
The response to treatment options other than hair treatment is also very good at a young age. They also have social and family support for getting their hair transplant done. Excellent hair transplant results are expected at a young age.

What Is the Ideal Hair Transplant age?

More people have hair loss problem in the middle ages than any other age group. Ageing, stressed life and some other unavoidable factors have led to hair loss which is more over the vertex region. There is only a thin rim of hair connecting the frontal area of baldness to the vertex region.
The need for getting hair treatment is there but other things in life keep the person preoccupied. The condition remains neglected and at some point, everyone starts asking why he is so stressed or is everything alright in his professional or personal front and why not you undergo hair transplant in Delhi.
Hair treatment at this age has still good results. The reason for the good results of hair treatment at this age is also due to the fact that only a few people opt for it and they are in real need of it. Financially they are more stable to bear the cost of hair transplant. And they can afford hair treatment and other treatment options which they could not have at an earlier age.
The overall compliance for hair treatment and other procedures is also good. They are also more regular in follow-ups after a hair treatment and are more patient than their younger counterparts. The condition of the scalp is still good and the condition of the remaining hair follicles and stem cells in them is still dependable to give results after a hair treatment. Though they do not get the best hair transplant results still the results in them are good.