Hair transplant surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery | Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation has long history and after decades of hard work by thousands of hair transplant surgeons we have reached at a stage where we can say that hair problem is not anymore a problem.

What we have learned

  • Superiority of hair grafting versus bald-scalp reduction and scalp-flap surgery in almost all situations.
  • Acceptance of large-session hair transplantation, also termed the mega session, in which 2500 or more grafts can be transplanted safely in a single procedure.
  • Superiority of follicular-unit micrografting over traditional micrografting and minigrafting.
  • Although technically more demanding and time-consuming than other procedures, it yields superior results in terms of creating a natural appearance.
  • It enables increasing hair density.
  • Follicular unit grafting reduces accidental transection of hair follicles during the graft-dissection process because dissection is performed under microscope visualization leading to minimal wastage of valuable donor hairs.
  • Improved control of hair loss coupled with minimization of adverse effects from the use of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors.
  • Gene therapy may have future application in hair loss treatment. The genes that cause alopecia can be located and potentially replaced with genetic sequences not associated with hair loss.
  • Hair cloning (technically cell multiplication) may offer the surgeon a virtually unlimited supply of donor hairs. Reducing the requirement of donor areas. Follicle stem cells are multiplied and then injected into areas of thinning to initiate the regrowth of hairs.
  • Mechanization of the hair-transplantation process is perhaps the only way to improve the process of follicular-unit transplantation. Instruments capable of rapidly and accurately dissecting the grafts and atraumatically placing the grafts will speed the process and reduce reliance upon assistants.
  • Hair transplantation will remain an aesthetic procedure that requires a skilled surgeon to create natural-appearing results.

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