Safe Zone

The Safe Zone

  • There is a specific area over the back of your scalp, that bears the hair follicle which are resistant to shedding. The hair of this area do not shed even in the most extreme of the conditions.
  • Even under severe nutritional deficiency this area hair follicle are not shed.
  • Even DHT cannot harm the root of hair follicle of this region. The hair of this area are the last hair to fall from our scalp.
  • Even they are resistant to ageing and are even present when the person reaches the age of 80s & 90s.
  • Because the hairs of this region/area of scalp are highly resistant to shedding hence this area of scalp is called the ” SAFE ZONE “
  • During hair transplant it is preferable but not mandatory to harvest hair follicles from this area of scalp. During FUE hair transplant the safe zone is market over the scalp and hair follicles are primarily extracted from this area of scalp.