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Right Hair Transplant Age

Right Hair Transplant Age

What Is the Ideal Hair Transplant age?

Right Hair Transplant Age : Though hair transplant can be done at any age but still there is age bracket where the results of hair transplant are best. Hair transplant is the surgical part of the process of Hair Restoration. In hair transplant patient’s hair from the occipital area of scalp are taken and transplanted over the bald areas of scalp. The whole process of hair transplant is successful when the hair transplant look natural and they grow in natural way.

Hair Transplant  Age in Delhi

Hair transplant in delhi is most commonly done in younger age group (20 to 35 years of age). This is the age group in delhi when a person is most conscious of his looks. Young people go for hair transplant in delhhi for various reasons. Some go for hair transplant because they have lost hair very fast and there is fear of becoming totally bald. Some handsome men go for hair transplant because the bald areas over their head have ruined their personality. Some are in marriageable age and their baldness has threatened their prospects of getting good match and hence they want to undergo hair transplant in delhi. Some go for hair transplant in delhi as they want to get rid of their stressed/aged looks because of hair loss.

The Best Hair Transplant age to get good results is at a younger age. The person’s metabolic rate and physical activity has kept the scalp blood circulation good so as to supply sufficient nutrients to the hair transplanted. The hair follicles are young and the stem cells have retained the coding for many decades to come in a person’s life. Hence the hair transplant procedure benefits them for their lifetime. The response to other medical treatment options is also very good at young age. They also have social and family support for getting their hair transplant done. Excellent hair transplant results are expected at young age.

Hair Transplant in the Middle Ages

More people have hair loss problem in the middle ages than any other age group. Ageing, stressed life and some other unavoidable factors have led to hair loss which is more over the vertex region. There is only a thin rim of hair connecting the frontal area of baldness to the vertex region. The need for getting hair transplant is there but other things in life keeps the person preoccupied. The condition remains neglected and at some point everyone starts asking why he is so stressed or is everything alright in his professional or personal front.

Hair transplant at this age has still good results. The reason for good results of hair transplant at this age is also due to the fact that only few people opt for it and they are in real need of it. Financially they are more stable and they can afford hair transplant and other treatment options which they could not have at an earlier age. The overall compliance for hair transplant and other procedures is also good. They are also more regular in follow ups and are more patient than their younger counterparts. The condition of scalp is still good and the condition of the remaining hair follicles and stem cells in them is still dependable. Though they not get the best hair transplant results but still the results in them are good.

Hair Transplant at a Later Age

At an age more than 55 years only few people suffering from alopecia opt for hair transplant. Only those who have realized that they have only one life to live and they should live it fully go for hair transplant. They have realized that the best investment is to invest in one’s own self and live a fuller and happier life. They have realized that all the money earned by them is of no use if it cannot make them live a happy and healthy life.

The results of hair transplant at this age are not so good but they are really happy to have hair transplant done. Hair transplant improves their personality and social well being. They get a good moral boost after hair transplant which transforms their personality and infuse a new life in them.


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