Herbs for Hair Growth

Herbs For Hair Growth

For past few years, the use of herbs has increased to treat hair loss and promote hair growth. It was common for centuries that even before commercial products have been thought of. While commercial products promise good for a natural ingredient. This makes the use of herbs a preferred solution.

There are so many different herbs which are so helpful for hair growth, and each herb has unique ingredients which include hair care. These herbs also reduce hair loss problems.

1. Amla or Indian gooseberry promotes hair growth

Amla, Amla is also known as it’s English name which is Indian Gooseberry, and its Scientific name is Phyllanthus Emblica, is a fruit which is loaded with vitamin C and several other antioxidants Which help with bone marrow production. Bone marrow extract the rate of hair grows and ensures strong hair growth. Few tips for strong hair growth, Amla dry powder can be mixed with coconut oil and applied to your head for good hair growth. May also applied the amla powder with water to form a paste. The amla paste can be applied on hairs as a form of the mask and leave it for at least 30 minutes and then wash it with cool water.

Benefits Of Amla in  hair loss:

  • Promotes hair growth

  • Reduces hair graying

  • Amla powder act as a hair conditioner

  • Reduce hair loss problems

2. Reetha or Soap Nuts to promote hair growth

In the top list of natural herbs, Reetha promotes hair growth. Retha, also known as soap nuts, this fruit that is dried and used in a powder form. Some time ago the fruit of Reetha tree have been used to make soaps and soap nut was derived from.  Normally the good result of use to clean hair, to firstly soaked Reetha in boiling water. It is effective care for hair growth.

Benefits Of Reetha in Hair Loss:

  • Reetha helps in hair follicles and scalp

  • Reetha promotes healthy hair growth

  • Reetha help cleanness the scalp

  • Anti-inflammatory properties fight away infections

  • Reetha also reduce  hair graying and hair loss problems

3. Heena to promote hair growth

Henna is commonly used to hair coloring, Henna is also known in Hindi name is mehndi. It also works wonders for the health of hairs, and also increase the strength of hair growth. The properties of Henna has antibacterial, antimicrobial, and astringent. Henna removes excess oil from the scalp, preventing clogging. Henna leaves are powdered, mixed with water, and rested for a few hours to reduce hair graying and strength of hair growth. The henna powder paste applied to the hair and left for few hours. And then wash with cool water.

Benefits Of Henna in hair loss:

  • Henna restores to help in hair loss

  • Henna reduce excess oil

  • Henna reduce repairs damage

  • Henna help to reduce graying of hairs

4. Methi or Fenugreek to promote hair growth

Methi or fenugreek is nature’s hair conditioner. This seeds of methi are rich or part in spices and its scientific name is Trigonella foenum-graecum. The methi seeds soaked in water, the resulting liquid is a slimy substance that is added to a mixture of Amla, and Henna. Instead, the methi seeds soaked in water overnight in a Tamba vessel, which is to benefit for hair growth and this fine paste applied to hairs. Who wants hair growth can add a little yogurt to the paste of methi, to reap the benefits of the added lactic acid.

Benefits Of Methi in hair loss:

  • Methi improves circulation in the scalp

  • Methi promotes hair growth

  • Methi is best for hair conditioning

  • Methi also reduce hair loss problems

5. Brahmi to promote hair growth

Brahmi is used in oil and powder form to stop hair fall and it also helps in hair growth and also helps in hair thicker and healthy hair. The Brahmi powder is mixed with water to make a form a paste and is applied to the hair and scalp for an hour. A proper head massage with the Brahmi oil, which is the perfect treatment for relieving stress and reduces hair loss.

Benefits Of Brahmi in hair loss:

  • Brahmi help to hair growth

  • Brahmi Reduces stress and hair loss

  • Braahmi nourishes the scalp

6. Neem help to encourage hair growth

Neem oil is a good source of extract hair growth and increases the strength of hair shafts, Neem oil making silky and adding shine in your hairs. Neem oil also reduces hair loss and also help to release stress, irritation of the scalp.  Neem also is known in the scientific name is Azadirachta indica. The paste of neem leaf can be used as conditioning to nourish the scalp and prevent the scalp from dryness.

Benefits of Neem in hair loss:

  • Neem controls dandruff

  • Neem helps to cleanness and nourish the scalp

  • Neem helps prevent infection

  • Neem also reduce the problem of hair loss

7. Horsetail promotes hair growth

Horsetail is an emphatic factor for promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss also maintaining the health of the scalp. The scientific name of Horsetail is Equisetum arvense, It encourages blood vessels and improves circulation on the scalp. Horsetail with water will give a solution that you can apply to your hair.

Benefits Of Horsetail in hair loss:

  • Horsetail improves circulation by thrilling blood vessels

  • Horsetail increases the Flexible strength of hair fall.

8. Bhringraj promotes hair growth

This is the earliest Ayurvedic cure that has been in use for centuries in India. And Bhringraj known as a scientific name is Eclipta Alba. Bhringraj used to treat Hair loss and to make younger the scalp. To increase your hair growth and reduce of hair loss by use herb with the mixture of Bhringraj powder then apply this mixture on your hairs. If you have fresh Bhringraj leaves, then grind them and convert in the paste and this paste directly onto your hairs.

Benefits Of Bhringraj in hair loss:

  • Bhringraj promotes new hair growth

  • Bhringraj adds shine and gleam to hair

  • Bhringraj also reduces hair loss problems

9. Lavender promotes hair growth

Lavender is known as a distinctive but pleasurable fragrance, And the scientific name of Lavender is also known as Lavendula Officinalis. Lavender used in hair care for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. You can use lavender oil by adding few drops to a carrier oil of your choice.

Benefits Of Lavender in hair loss:

  • Lavender controls oil production

  • Lavender Keeps the scalp healthy

  • Lavender also helps to reduce hair loss

10. Flaxseed helps to encourage hair growth

Flaxseed contains a profusion of fatty acids which are essential for your hair. Flaxseed scientific its known as Linum usitatissimum, It also consists of antioxidants that get rid of free radicals. To use flaxseed for your hair, boil ground seeds to form a gel. Apply this gel to your scalp and hair.

Benefits Of Flaxseed in hair loss:

  • Flaxseed nourishes hair

  • Flaxseed fights free radicals

  • Flaxseed strengthens hair

  • Flaxseed prevents hair loss

  • Flaxseed moisturizes hair

11. Nettle promotes to hair growth

Prevent from hair loss the Nettle is the best effective solution because it inspires the blood circulation in the scalp. Nettle also is a good source for hair growth. To make a paste of Nettle then firstly grind it properly, then mix this paste with olive oil and that Nettle paste apply on hair. For healthy and shiny hairs and this paste also help in hair growth. The Scientific name of Nettle is Urtica dioica.

Benefits Of Nettle in hair loss:

  • Nettle Prevents hair loss

  • Nettle improves blood circulation in the scalp

  • Nettle reduces damage and breakage of hairs

12. Saw Palmetto promotes hair growth

In the human body, the testosterone is to be being converted in dihydrotestosterone, So the Saw Palmetto stops this conversion. The Saw Palmetto is known it’s scientific name that is Serenoa repens. Dihythmotestone is also the main cause of hair fall. The Saw Palmetto herb also encourages healthy hair growth and prevents from hair loss. Saw Palmetto also help to rinse the hairs. Saw Palmetto can be taken in the form of supplements.

Benefits Of Saw Palmetto in hair loss:

  • Saw Palmetto reduces hair loss

  • Saw Palmetto nourishes hair and scalp

  • Saw Palmetto encourages healthy hair growth

13. Calendula help in hair growth

Calendula is more commonly known as in Hindi name Marigold which is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that help and fight with inflammation. It enhances the creation of bone marrow which develops blood circulation in the scalp and encourages healthy hair growth. Calendula increases the strength of hair growth or a calendula also known as a moisturizing oil.

Benefits Of Calendula in hair loss:

  • Calendula nourishes hair and scalp

  • Calendula increases in collagen

  • Calendula improves blood circulation

  • Calendula prevents hair loss

14. Comfrey promotes hair growth

For Hair growth one of the best herbs is Comfrey and its also help for styling the hairs. The Scientific name of Comfrey is Symphytum officinale. In comfrey rich many types of vitamins and minerals that support in healthy hair growth. The comfrey protects against the dryness of hairs and also prevent hair loss. For hair, rinse take a teaspoon of dried comfrey powder with one cup of boiled water, it also encourages hair growth. Formerly the solution has cooled, tip it over newly washed hair.

Benefits Of Comfrey in hair loss:

  • Promotes healthy hair growth.

  • Stimulates the scalp

  • Reduces Dryness

  • Detangles hair

  • Prevent hair loss

15. Chamomile promotes hair growth

For relieving aroma one of the best herbs is chamomile, we can consume chamomile herb as a tea, for externally hair care and its also prevent hair growth. Chamomile is known as it’s scientific name which is Matricaria Recutita. The Chamomile is known as a nourish and relieving the scalp, which is encouraged to healthy hair growth. The chamomile is a natural herb for hair care. we use chamomile by rinsing the hair with the tea after it has been freshly washed and conditioned.

Benefits Of Chamomile in hair loss:

  • Relieving the scalp

  • Nourishes the roots

  • Prevent hair loss

  • Help in hair growth

16. Arnica promotes hair growth

Arnica is a best useful herb to maintain a good health of the scalp. Arnica scientific name is Arnica montana, it is an excellent ingredient use to battle dandruff. Arnica leads to a healthy scalp and leads to healthy hair growth. The oil of Arnica herb can be applied on the scalp or in combination with any other carrier oil.

Benefits of Arnica in hair loss:

  • Arnica herb to maintain a good health of the scalp

  • Arnica herb controls dandruff

  • Arnica promotes hair growth

  • Arnica reduce hair loss

17. Gotu Kola helps to encourage hair growth

For the excellent scalp massage with the olive oil and use natural herb which is Gotu Kola. The Gotu Kola increase blood circulation and prevent hair growth. Gotu Kola scientific name is Centella Asiatica. The Gotu Kola increased blood circulation in the body which nourishes the scalp and boost hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Benefits Of Gotu Kola in hair loss:

  • Gotu Kola improves blood circulation

  • Gotu Kola reduce hair loss problems

  • Gotu KolaPromotes hair growth

18. Yucca promotes hair growth

Yucca is a natural herb which is normally found in North American deserts. And in a scientific language, the name of Yucca is Yucca Schidigera. Yucca is a traditional natural scalp cleanser, Yucca also used to make soaps and shampoos and it’s a successful clash the itching, dryness, and dandruff. Yucca powder can be mixed with water and that paste can apply the scalp for shiny hair and encourage hair growth.

Benefits Of Yucca in hair loss:

  • Yucca help to cleanses the scalp

  • Yucca prevents dryness and hair loss

  • Yucca help to reduce dandruff

  • Yucca encourages hair growth

19. Peppermint use for hair growth

Peppermint is an antifungal and anti-inflammatory herb, which is also known as the moisturizing herb. Peppermint scientific name is Mentha Piperita, The peppermint oil most commonly use for hair growth and prevent from hair loss, when this oil applied on the scalp so this oil work as a hair growth booster. Peppermint also boosts the circulation of blood and maximizing the nourishment the hair follicles. If peppermint oil includes in hair care routine and massages the scalp so this oil encourages hair growth.

Benefits Of Peppermint in hair loss:

  • Peppermint Antifungal

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Combats itchiness and inflammation

  • Peppermint reduces hair loss