Direct Hair Transplant in Delhi

Direct Hair Transplant in Delhi

Direct Hair Transplant method is the most up-to-date advance in the hair restoration field. It is most innovative and advanced technique of hair transplant in delhi. Direct hair transplant is very comparatively fast and fully painless.

direct hair transplant in delhi



In the Direct Hair Transplant (DHT) technique each hair follicle is extracted one-by-one from the donor area and then these hair follicles are implanted directly to the recipient area hair transplant in delhi. There is no need of cut or hole formation over the donor area before the hair follicle hair transplant in Delhi. There occurs no delay in the grafting and implanting of the grafts most important to improved survival of the grafts. We at Delhi Hair Transplant Center have found that the survival of extracted hair follicles depends on various factors and some of the important factors are: Graft Hydration, Cold Temperature, Prevention of infection and Mechanical trauma during handling of the graft. All important factors are taken care in hair transplants done at delhi hair transplant center.

direct hair transplant



In direct hair transplant in delhi there is no handling of the hair roots and hence no damage to the hair follicle during the whole procedure starting from the harvesting of the graft to the implantation of the hair follicle. As graft is not exposed to the environment hence there are no chances of infection or graft drought.


  • No linear scratch mark over the scalp
  • Grafts can also be harvested from areas other than the scalp, hence especially suitable for patients having very spare hair over scalp.
  • Grafts are directly hair transplant over the bald area of scalp without exposing them to the external environment leading to better graft survival.
  • No dehydration and damage of hair follicles due to separation of the hair follicles from the graft in other techniques.
  • Less discomfort for the patient during hair transplant as all the procedures can be done in the sitting position.
  • Less invasive, minimum risk of infection and complications.
  • Minimal post-operative medications and care required.
  • Faster healing as it uses smaller diameter punches.

It is one of the finest techniques hair transplant in delhi with maximum graft survival rates.