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Body Hair Transplant in Delhi

Body Hair Transplant Delhi

Body hair transplant is used when less hair are available on scalp. Body Hair Transplant can harvest hair from beard, chest, arm & other areas of body. One of the most important values in plastic surgery is “REPLACE LIKE WITH LIKE”. At Hair transplant Delhi, Hairs from the scalp are the best replacement for the bald areas of scalp but regrettably some patients do not have sufficient hair over the head to complete result. In such cases, it is possible to transplant body hairs which are related to head hairs in structure and quality. Hairs may be taken from the beard area, armpits, chest, abdomen, back, arms and the legs. little thousand grafts can be taken from all these areas combined varying from patient to patient. If the Patients have not enough body hair cannot undergo this procedure.

body hair transplant At Hair transplant Delhi Body hairs are detached by FUE technique, leaving no scar line over the recipient site. FUT and Robotic Hair Transplant Delhi cannot be used to collect hair follicles for body hair transplant in delhi. better-quality punches are used to harvest hair grafts for body hair transplant in delhi. The Finer punches used the better is the healing of the donor area. The hair follicles are then transplanted over the donor area as in FUT/FUE/DHT techniques. some time ago the donor hair is transplanted they become permanent and can be trimmed and styled as normal.


  1. Rescue process for those having very thin hair over the scalp.
  2. Large number of grafts can be harvested.
  3. Grafts can be harvested from several sites by growing the team members thus saving the whole time of the patient.
  4. Graft harvest and hair transplantation can be done all together as the donor and recipient areas are beyond from each other and most of the procedure can be done in supine position.

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